Vets Near Me

Vets Near Me to Use During Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 has changed our everyday lives. Leaving the house, even for necessary things now requires considerably more thought and consideration.

But if your pet becomes suddenly sick, you can’t wait until COVID has gone, you need to get to a vet urgently. Having a trip to the vets isn’t as simple as it previously was. Measures should be in place to keep clients, staff and the general public protected.

Are you thinking ‘I need COVID-friendly vets near me, that will offer trusted, high-standard veterinary diagnosis and operations?’ Well, read on and find out what you need to look out for to ensure both you and your beloved pet are kept safe during these concerning times.

Vets Near Me

Vets COVID Safety Procedures

Firstly, Vets must fully inform pet owners of the measures that have been implemented. If you as a client have not been informed or there are no strict procedures being adhered to, find a more safety-conscious practice.

Measures such as:

  • Clear social distancing, including asking pet owners not to come into the practice whilst their pet is having an appointment, instead providing over the phone updates.
  • Asking clients and staff to wear face masks when on the premises.
  • Sanitising hands before entering the practice.
  • Fewer staff numbers to make social distancing easier.
  • Fixing reception counters with protective screening.
  • Taking payments via remote payment to reduce the necessity to physically go into the surgery.

Nonetheless, veterinary staff must continue with their usual level of committed service. If you find vets near you that provide this criteria, they have the best chance of keeping you and your pets safe throughout this worrying period.


Pet Neutering

It is important to consider Pet Neutering when buying or adopting a pet. There are many health benefits for your dog or cat as well as helping reduce unwanted behaviour in some instances. Operations are carried out under general anaesthetic and animals usually recover quickly.


pet neutering

Why should you consider Pet neutering?

You should consider pet neutering due to the many benefits it has, not only applying to dogs and cats but also other animals such as rabbits and ferrets. Neutering stops female pets coming into season, which lets them attract unwanted male attention, become pregnant or have phantom pregnancies. It also reduces the risk of them being stolen for breeding purposes and uterus infections.

Unspayed female pets can be messy when they come into season – during this time, females can bleed for up to three weeks.  Vet fees for females and offspring during and after pregnancy can be costly, much more than the small initial cost for neutering.

In males, neutering prevents the risk of testicular cancer, urine marking and roaming. It can also help reduce aggressive behaviour associated with sexual hormones.

If you want to neuter your pet, the best thing to do is speak to your vet about costs and the best time to neuter your pet.

What is a pet hospital?

Many individuals confuse a pet hospital and their local vets. The difference is simple, a veterinary practice offers regular check-ups and minor surgeries on animals, whereas a pet hospital is a referral centre where pets are referred to for specialist services.

Some of the specialist services provided at pet hospitals include but is not limited to:

  • Anaesthesia
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Internal medicine
  • Neurology and neurosurgery
  • Oncology
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Pain management
  • Soft tissue surgery


What animals visit a pet hospital?

Depending on the pet hospital, a range of animals ranging from fish up to farm animals can be referred. A list of these animals include:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Birds
  • Rabbits
  • Hamsters
  • Guinea pigs
  • Fish
  • Reptiles
  • Farm animals including horses
  • Amphibians

Dog Handler

What the job involves

As a dog handler, you would be teamed with a specially trained dog and you would be responsible or its control and its care. If you love dogs and you are keen to use your observation skills, being a dog handler could be just what you are looking for.

Dog Handler

Personal qualities of a dog handler

To be a successful dog handler, you will need patience and confidence as well as being comfortable independently working with a dog. You also need to be able to react instantly to any given situation and accurately judge a situation.

A dog handler should have the following traits:

  • Experience of caring for dogs
  • To be physically fit and strong
  • To be patient
  • Self-confident
  • The ability to train a dog efficiently with minimum supervision
  • To be responsible, alert and observant

Working conditions of a dog handler

Being a dog handler is physically challenging job where you will need to be able to keep up with you or dog during tough training sessions. A lot of walking and running is common practice. This job could mean you encounter difficult terrains and weather conditions working outside in the elements.


Once you have secured a role as a dog handler, you will be trained by your new employer. Usually, this consists of initial training, followed by specialist training in your chosen area. The training involved really relies on the organisation you intend on joining.

What qualifications do I need to start training as a dog handler?

Each organisation sets its own entry requirements for the role so you would need to meet these to be eligible for the application process. Therefore the qualifications of a dog handler would depend solely on the organisation you wish to work for.

What is the role of an event management companies

Event Management

event management companies
Events managers organise and run promotional, social and business events. Event management companies are often formed using a variety of staff from varying levels of education. Experience within the industry often comes from two backgrounds. People tend to come from a related industry (marketing or management) and work from the ground up or by going to university and getting a degree in events management.
Whatever your qualifications or background, People in this industry should have practical experience gained from public relations, travel and tourism, or they would have helped and gained experience in organising events in the past.
This experience can come from a variety of fields be it paid or voluntary. If you have been a marshal at an event from offering your services to help at a charity organisation. All of this experience is relative and your skills can be diversified to fit the needs of the business.

Skills to be displayed

As event management companies assist you in your conference or promotional event you will expect them to be able to show show:
• excellent organisation skills
• the ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
• be able to carry out a number of tasks at the same time
• a creative approach to problem-solving
• good communication and people skills
• the highest level of attention to detail
• good negotiation, sales and marketing skills
• budget awareness

What event management companies do

As event management companies they will oversee the whole project, from planning at the start to running the event on the day. A truly thorough company will also chase your delegates up after the event and hold a feedback seminar with your selves to give you all the good and bad from your event.

An event organiser would run through these day to day tasks to ensure the organisation of your event runs to its best ability
• discussing what the client wants
• coming up with original ideas for events
• agreeing budgets and timescales with the client
• researching venues, contacts and suppliers
• negotiating prices with suppliers and contractors
• booking venues, entertainment, equipment and supplies
• hiring and supervising contractors such as caterers and security
• publicising the event
• making sure that everything runs smoothly on the day
• ensuring that health, safety and insurance regulations are followed
• managing there team

Working hours, patterns and environment

Generally work for event management companies is based around standard office hours, although on event days and in the run up to events they will work long and unsocial hours.
If its an outdoor events, they will be prepared to work in all weather conditions.
Depending on where the event is based you can also expect them to come to you and they expect they may need to spend time travelling and staying overnight as part of wining your work.