Drop off and collection lockers

What are drop off and collection lockers?

Drop off and collection lockers are a  locker system that allows your customers to collect and drop off  items 24/7, offering a contactless operation keeping staff and customers safe and making it more convenient for people to come out of hours if they are stuck at work before you close.

Drop off and collection lockers are available for both outdoor and indoor installations, they can be used for the delivery and collection of many items including keys, packages, parcels, entry passes, and other essential items that need to be collected or delivered.

Drop off and collection lockers are convenient and safe providing a contactless experience for customers and clients. They provide a solution to meet the demands of the current pandemic we are living through and the needs of modern-day life.

The main benefits of drop off and collection lockers

The main benefits of the drop-off and collection lockers include :

They are weatherproof so can be installed outside

IP65 colour rated screens

HD colour cameras for usage recording

QR scanning

Manual overrides for emergencies

Easily sanitised for germ-free use

Can be purchased separately or as a set

Rental or purchased options will be available

Affordable and convenient Lockers

Drop off and collection lockers should be affordable and convenient, they are there to make collection and delivery easier for clients and customers reducing human contact which in the current climate is saving any extra contact and spreading germs so this can only be a good thing.

Find a reputable company

Find a reputable drop off and collection locker company, one that is an expert in their field, they will be able to advise which locker will be suitable for your needs and budget.

Drop off and collection lockers