Dog Handler

What the job involves

As a dog handler, you would be teamed with a specially trained dog and you would be responsible or its control and its care. If you love dogs and you are keen to use your observation skills, being a dog handler could be just what you are looking for.

Dog Handler

Personal qualities of a dog handler

To be a successful dog handler, you will need patience and confidence as well as being comfortable independently working with a dog. You also need to be able to react instantly to any given situation and accurately judge a situation.

A dog handler should have the following traits:

  • Experience of caring for dogs
  • To be physically fit and strong
  • To be patient
  • Self-confident
  • The ability to train a dog efficiently with minimum supervision
  • To be responsible, alert and observant

Working conditions of a dog handler

Being a dog handler is physically challenging job where you will need to be able to keep up with you or dog during tough training sessions. A lot of walking and running is common practice. This job could mean you encounter difficult terrains and weather conditions working outside in the elements.


Once you have secured a role as a dog handler, you will be trained by your new employer. Usually, this consists of initial training, followed by specialist training in your chosen area. The training involved really relies on the organisation you intend on joining.

What qualifications do I need to start training as a dog handler?

Each organisation sets its own entry requirements for the role so you would need to meet these to be eligible for the application process. Therefore the qualifications of a dog handler would depend solely on the organisation you wish to work for.