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Vets Near Me to Use During Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 has changed our everyday lives. Leaving the house, even for necessary things now requires considerably more thought and consideration.

But if your pet becomes suddenly sick, you can’t wait until COVID has gone, you need to get to a vet urgently. Having a trip to the vets isn’t as simple as it previously was. Measures should be in place to keep clients, staff and the general public protected.

Are you thinking ‘I need COVID-friendly vets near me, that will offer trusted, high-standard veterinary diagnosis and operations?’ Well, read on and find out what you need to look out for to ensure both you and your beloved pet are kept safe during these concerning times.

Vets Near Me

Vets COVID Safety Procedures

Firstly, Vets must fully inform pet owners of the measures that have been implemented. If you as a client have not been informed or there are no strict procedures being adhered to, find a more safety-conscious practice.

Measures such as:

  • Clear social distancing, including asking pet owners not to come into the practice whilst their pet is having an appointment, instead providing over the phone updates.
  • Asking clients and staff to wear face masks when on the premises.
  • Sanitising hands before entering the practice.
  • Fewer staff numbers to make social distancing easier.
  • Fixing reception counters with protective screening.
  • Taking payments via remote payment to reduce the necessity to physically go into the surgery.

Nonetheless, veterinary staff must continue with their usual level of committed service. If you find vets near you that provide this criteria, they have the best chance of keeping you and your pets safe throughout this worrying period.